Day Trip

Come explore all that the city of Belen has to offer with trips that can be done in one day. If you're in one of of our surrounding cities or towns, you're never far from adventure!

Belen Art Tour

If you are looking for something to do and are interested in historic art, we would love to have you come down.

The Belen Art Tour is a day trip that takes you along scenic State Highway 47 from Bosque Farms to Mountainair, with stops in historic Tomé and Belen. It is best to take this drive on a Friday or Saturday, when you'll catch the most art galleries and restaurants open.


  • 10:15AM

    Leave Albuquerque driving south down Broadway Boulevard (AKA State Highway 47) or I-25 south to Exit 215 (Bosque Farms).

  • 10:45AM

    Stop for brunch at Sopa's Restaurant in Bosque Farms. The restaurant is located at 1700 Bosque Farms Boulevard, Bosque Farms, NM 87068.

  • 11:30AM

    Head south down State Highway 47 to Tomé Art Gallery in the heart of historic Tomé, which was once the Valencia County seat. The art gallery is located right off the highway at 2930 State Highway 47, Tomé, NM 87031. Hot tip! Be sure to check out the historic Catholic Church, old county jail and plaza a quick distance behind the gallery.

  • 12:00PM

    Keep going south down State Highway 47 until you reach the City of Rio Communities. At the first major intersection, just passed the Allsup's, merge right onto the Rio Grande bridge going west down River Road into Belen. You'll drive a few minutes before arriving in beautiful historic Belen, significant because of its massive railyard, but also the many art galleries, shops and restaurants you'll find tucked away on Becker Avenue. For mapping, two addresses will get you where you need to be: 104 N. 4th Street, which is a museum at the eastern end of Becker Avenue, or 513 Becker Avenue, which is a bookstore at the western end of the arts district. You'll find a number of places to visit in between, including wine tasting, restaurants, galleries and shops. Hot tip! Don't miss international artist Judy Chicago's Through the Flower Art Space on Becker Avenue.

  • 2:00PM

    A short 45-minute drive south on State Highway 47 and then east on State Highway 60 will get you to Mountainair, the gateway to ancient cities, called this because of the high concentration of pueblo ruins nearby. Mountainair is also a uniquely artistic community, having several art galleries and restaurants to enjoy. Hot tip! Make your way to the Shaffer Hotel at 103 W. Main Street, Mountainair, NM 87036. It's a historic hotel, restaurant and art gallery. The ceilings are magnificent.

  • 5:00PM

    After a delightful day of food, drink and art, drive home. You can take the same route back, but there are two alternatives -- one takes you through Estancia to the northeast of Mountainair and another that takes you thought Bernardo to the west of Mountainair.